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Jason leaving MOT bay with new MOT

The MOT tests some important items on your motorcycle to check that they meet the legal standards.

The test doesn’t cover the condition of the:

As long as it works safely, this is all that is required normally.

Offical Gov. MOT on-line checker

Click image above or here to check MOT online

Great for checking BEFORE you go to view or buy a used Motorcycle. The UK Gov. allow instant verification of an MOT online.

These are some of the important parts of your motorcycle that will be checked in the MOT.

Fuel System, Horn, Clutch Lever, Frame Number, Throttle, Steering/Suspension, Brakes, Wheels and Tyres, Footrests, Frame, Drive Chain and Sprocket, Exhaust System, Wheel Alignment, Registration Plates, Sidecars (when fitted), Seat.